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Presenting the Rail Legacy by William J. Jackson

Disclosure: This is an author's showcase. There is no promise I have read any book shown here. My wish is to help display independent and lesser known authors. As to whether you may like it, please judge on what is written, the same as you would in a bookstore or street fair. Thanks!

An Unsubstantiated Chamber: Rail Legacy Book 1

Synopsis: Aretha Tyne Astin is a Huntress for a government in the 1880s that kills its superhuman population. In this alternate history, paranormals were once legends. Now, heroism is dead. However, a terrible murder will unite Aretha with an old ally of those heroes, and expose the dark underbelly of this militant America.

A note from the author: What I love most about Chamber is it takes two things that have meant a lot to me, comics and history, and merges them. I love having written not one, but two, unlikeable protagonists who change over the course of the story. While the book can be bleak, it also peels back harsh parts of US history.

William J. Jackson

William J. Jackson is a Black/Nanticoke/Irish American indie author who puts his love-hate relationship with race and history into his punk fiction worlds. He is an avid reader, geek, and wanderer who loves discouraging on real life through the lens of imagination.

If you do read this one and like it, make sure to check out his other books in the series, Cerulean Rust, and From an Irradiated Crypt.

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